Privacy Policy

You’re privacy is important to us and we value your trust.

personal identification

No personal identification such as your name, email, or payment preferences will be shared. This information will only be used by UserHappy to contact you and to complete your payment.

Demographic information collected for purposes of finding the right target audience for our clients will only be shared in a manner that will not be personally identifiable.

how UserHappy uses the information collected

Information collected during usability testing is provide insight to our Clients on how a participant representative of their target audience may interact with their site or product. This information may be collected in the form of but not limited to audio, video, text, screen recordings, surveys, or heat maps.

Usage data may be collected whenever you interact with our Website. This may include but is not limited to what information such as what webpages you visited, what you clicked on, what you searched, how often you logged into your account. This information may be used to improve your experience with our Website.

We do not sell your data to other third parties.

All information on the website is collected through a secure server that has a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate which ensures that data remains private and integral.


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in the your web browser while you are browsing. We use cookies on our website to authenticate your identity, to provide you with personalized content, and to better analyze our website traffic so that we can improve our services for you.

Last Updated: 10.21.2016